How can I assist? Which kind of service do you need?

Product development – zero waste recipe writing – culinary advice

Your underlying needs and input

In an thoughtful interview process I draw out your specific needs. By distilling the “why” behind your needs I am able to tease out more options for creative solutions than merely talking about creating a recipe or product. This often results in a more focused, meaningful designs that may simplify the development and reduce food costs.

Writing/Design/Work Style

Now the magic starts on paper. This process depends a lot on the recipe/product and your needs. My goal is to create a work style and recipe that matches your expectations within your timeframe and budget. You get an first idea of the progress and give the yes or no for the next step.

Testing and adjusting

It’s time to cook. The first test, I follow the recipe exactly as it’s written. Anything that I change is recorded so that I can change the recipe later. This process can take place at your or at the company kitchen.

Modifying and final cost calculation

If there are just a few tweaks here and there then I will adjust the recipe and it’s ready for the final cost calculation. If the recipe needs more work, or just isn’t right then I will modify or rewrite it and take it back to the testing stage.

Staff Education

The final recipe will be cooked, plated and explained in all its detail to you and your staff. Any indistinctness will be clarified. This can take place by video messaging (skype) or by physical presence.


During the first two week period it is commonplace that you can contact me and I will offer full support and advice should any problems occur. I would rather hear from you than not at all;  after all if I don’t know there is a problem then I cannot help to solve it!