A solution for surplus food!

Now we are talking different in the US.  This Boston-based Spoiler Alert is one of the startups working to help food businesses, farms and non-profits to minimize waste and recover value from surplus food. Through its platform, food businesses and farms can post, donate and sell surplus food and “ugly produce.”

Read this interesting 3 minute read article from Danielle Gould.



Are we going to scream for these zero waste ice creams?


How great Collaborations can make a change, do not spill food just by it’s looks!!

No fruit is wasted this year in the Portland Fruit Tree Project.

Salt & Straw an ice cream scoop shop is going to make great ice creams out of fruit that does not have the looks but still has the smack to be part of an great ice cream. Check it out in this article from Eillie Anzilottai and get equal zero waste inspired!! Every little thing can make a change.


Have fun in reading this 3 minute article.

less plastic in the food industry

Is this the solution in the plastic horror of sous-vide cooking?

As an zero waste recipe writer/developer I see it as a great challenge to reduce not only food waste but aswell to reduce the plastic use in the catering business.

To be honest, I love to cook sous-vide. The only negative response I have to the cooking method is the one time use of the plastic bag.

So I hope the new silicon bag from Anova helps us to a less plastic world.

Have a look and convince yourself!!

Meet the Anova Reusable Silicone Bag