The person behind the company

A food-zero waste recipe writer and developer with a sincere interest in photography and sustainability, with an international chef’s background for two decades.

I live in Ede, The Food Valley of the Netherlands and I’m passionate about crafting unique recipes with honest ingredients. This passion can result in unusual creations and combinations with ingredients that were forgotten or  not known. It is a challenge to create uniqueness and fun on a plate along with some killer flavor profiles for all kinds of services and companies.

The great strength of having a chef’s background in the food developing environment is that I not only handle the practical aspect of creating dishes in all kinds of projects, but I can also fully understand, participate and even lead the cost and design aspect of those same projects.

During an permaculture course in Ethiopia I met Tichafa Makovere. He was the person who made me realise the need for more sustainability in gastronomy.

This resulted in my interest to implement the circular economy principles and to create zero waste menus, recipes and products.

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